Thank you for taking time out of our fast paced world, to get to know mine...


.....A long time ago I made it my personal mission in life to infuse everything I truly am into my life. I live by the core values of PASSION, INSPIRATION, FREEDOM, PURITY, AND LOVE. I measure most experiences by how much of those values I will be able to bring because  I know when I do that I am living fully and on purpose. There is nothing that brings more richness, depth, and a sense of fulfillment to my life than to be an artist. And that is driven by a much larger vision which is to be of some kind of assistance to our human family. It has led me to live a life I am proud of so far.

I started early in the theater, graduated from Tisch School of the Arts, and went on to do some real learning by seeing the world. I have traveled to over 58 countries so far and have lived for periods of time on 6 of our great continents.  After graduating I worked for several NGOs across the globe. In 2009, I started my own company the Soulful Journey to help others live their own best life. I started writing and made my first short last year, which is organically developing into a production company aptly named Fly Bird Films. And thanks to my experiences I feel more prepared to take on the monumental task of portraying human life. I now know the quiet stillness of a mountain top in Nepal. I know the sadness and horror of holding a child in who is dying of Aids. I have felt the tenderness that can only come when dancing a soulful tango in the arms of your love. And I have even been proposed to by a sweet Masai Mara tribe member after a jumping ceremony in the bush. Man , do I have some stories to tell! lol

Through the way I have chosen to live life, I feel I have gained a deeper, richer, and more varied level of understanding as to what makes us human (and I am still learning). We are all heroic in sometimes even the smallest ways and we need one another, more than ever.  Art at it's best has the capacity to connects us, it challenges us, it is revolutionary and it is necessary to our condition. 

My aim is to cultivate meaningful relationships with others who share my mission. To collaborate with the change makers, visionaries, artists, leaders, and all the wonderful people in my industry who are ready to make this a more hopeful world.  It is an important time and there is much work to be done. And I am deeply looking forward to the experience of it all.